Friday, February 25

Before and After

Want to show you How the weather changed today right after-I was done blogging ... OMG I thought we had got some pause from  snowing .......
....but there is no sense to complains about the weather is it ? .. it's just nice to be inside in a warm house and I thank God for having a good house *smile*
Dear blog friends have a wonderful evening and great weekend :-)

Still learning

Hi my friends ! it´s a beautiful  day today ,but it´s windy like so many times here up on Iceland. But They say the winds Blow away all the dirty air and that is why Iceland is such a pure land :) it´s blessed with the wind ..  *smile* - The snow is all gone *smile* except a little left in the mountains.

My home in the country of Iceland

I'm busy these days to practice and learn about WordPress and everything about marketing online. This is very exciting stuff and extensive. This is my dream so much fun :-)

wooden letters 1

It takes several months or more to learn it all. Sandi Krakowski is a very good teacher for all information related to WordPress and I've listened to it recently and I will continue to do so she is so encouraging and funny :-)
Hope you  all have a good day ....

Monday, February 21

Create and Learn

Today's weather is not so bed  not as Slippery as yesterday.  It's raining today and all the snow is gone at least from the walkway, I should stand up from my computer and go for a walk.. Hmmm! :) ... But that is not quite that  I'm ready to do now
Because ...... I found so exiting stuff online while I was sitting at my computer yesterday and did not get out because of the slippery road , that  was at least an excuse for not going for a walk yesterday :) .

I came across this Instructor named Sandi Krakowski actually it was my daughter who pointed me to her, she is given people a free courses here  ,  and she holds courses about Network marketing.

I am very excited  to learn this stuff and to create a website from WordPress for my business which as you know who read my blog is Grimsborgir Guest House

Saturday, February 19

It´s All Right

Here's how my patio looks like when it's summer :-) Oh How I can not wait to get some Sun  in my body and soul.
There is snow and frost outside brrrrr.... and I'm inside all day :(    if I  would go out... then I would slide in a slippery ground  and break my I'm just sitting here with my computer *smile *  it's  not so sad  is it?

Thursday, February 17

How well do you sleep at Night?

I found this website today and decided to share it with you my lovely blog friends. I think we all  have experience  someday  in life of sleep less nights.

Here is a very good article with tips! how sleep affects our health :-)  

Thursday, February 10

Waiting after spring

I came across this beautiful SHOP on LENE  beautiful blog site. Wanted to share it with you :)
Have a good evening
I'm starting to looking forward to spring :)

What is The  Key ...... of beautiful photographs ?
I love this Keys from  PotteryBarn

Whether are more important in one picture, the framework or contents in the frame ?
I hate ugly picture  frames there is one thing certain.
I love this picture frames from  PotteryBarn

Tuesday, February 1

Beautiful, beautiful dining table and chairs, beautiful pillows! and beautiful picture
Picture: Cabbages and Roses

Have a good day and God bless.