Friday, February 24

Master Organizer

Instead of being jammed in a kitchen drawer, household necessities like rubber bands, pencils, and glue are stacked in clear, labeled boxes of varying sizes (Zak! Designs canisters; inside a cabinet. This makes things easy for Walsh—and his houseguests—to find.

Walsh's clear containers make it easy to see what needs replacing. Even better, their labels discourage the stashing of miscellany. "They don't allow you to overload your junk drawer with junk," he explains.


Thank God It's Friday
Kristín K.

Friday, February 17

Mango Fan

I have always being  a fan of  MANGO shop since I  discovered  a little shop in Costa del Sol named MANGO In the year 1985 or 1986 .
First Mango store opened in centre of Barcelona 1984.

Kate Moss is stunningly beautiful

Have a fashionable Friday
Kristin K.

Saturday, February 11

All Right Now

Ever since the blog was invented, I am alright -  and you to - otherwise you would not be here :)

you're alright with saturdays?
Kristín Ketils.

Wednesday, February 8