Wednesday, November 28


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Monday, November 19

Dreamy Whites

This is so absolutely fantastic blog  - The photographs are so bright and  beautiful

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Saturday, November 10

Jar for your Home

You can  use them for storage and  light fixture - I love that ! 

Crate and pine Christmas centerpiece with  mason jars

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Friday, November 2


Gain muscle to lose weight. Putting on lean muscle mass can help you lose weight - and keep it off.

During any workout you burn fat, but with strength training you elevate your metabolism and continue to burn fat for up to 39 hours afterwards. So if you do some form of strength training every second day, you can knock your metabolism into high gear.

To build lean muscle, use small weights and do lots of repetitions. "Low-intensity training and isolating muscles won't burn fat," says Malcom. "Increase the intensity and use moderately heavy weights."

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Thursday, November 1

Desde my ventana

I got these beautiful Christmas pictures here

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Entry Halls & Main Stairs

By Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Photography by Eric Scott

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