Friday, February 25

Before and After

Want to show you How the weather changed today right after-I was done blogging ... OMG I thought we had got some pause from  snowing .......
....but there is no sense to complains about the weather is it ? .. it's just nice to be inside in a warm house and I thank God for having a good house *smile*
Dear blog friends have a wonderful evening and great weekend :-)


Home Made Quilts By Granny said...

Yes we are blessed to be inside in a warm house. I thank God for my home to. Trish

K.Ketils said...

True ..:)visit this site Trish , it´s all about gratitude..

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Tu as raison, Kristin. Quel que soit le temps, ta maison semble magnifique. Mais, quand le soleil est là, quand la chaleur arrive, la terrasse doit être si agréable!
Bon dimanche!

K.Ketils said...

Thanks Richard, I use google to translate the French language :)