Thursday, March 14

Beautiful Pictures

I've been collecting such beautiful pictures on pinterest. Take a look at it .

Have a wonderful pin ♥ 

Pillows - Cushions

 .....are in every home Collection of pillows and cushions which I feel beautiful

Have a wonderful day ♥ 
Kristín Ketils. 

Monday, March 11

Start Expecting Things

Friend, no matter what you’ve been through, no matter whose fault it was, no matter how impossible your situation may look, the good news is that God wants to turn it around and restore what has been stolen from you. Most of all, He wants to restore your relationship with Him.

God doesn’t want you simply to feel a little better for a few days. No, God is in the long-term restoration business. He doesn’t want you simply to survive that marriage. He wants to turn it around and restore to you a strong, healthy relationship. God doesn’t want your business to merely make it through the murky economic waters. He wants your business to excel!

Start expecting things to change in your favor. It’s your faith that activates the power of God. Remember, if you obey God and are willing to trust Him, you will have the best this life has to offer — and more. You can start living your best life now.

These encouraging words are taken from this site

Have a wonderful day ♥ 
Kristín Ketils.

Sunday, March 10


Self control Discipline and Ruling over your feelings

What a lesson...O.M.G THIS IS SO GOOD.

Have a wonderful day
Kristín Ketils.

Saturday, March 9


These four pictures of a beautiful view from a beautiful windows that I whish, I Could be standing in front of and have a view like this! But maybe i could? This got me thinking about how important it is to have a beautiful view to life! ... Did you Noticing do day how your thinking about life went ? What were your brain thinking about?

For some people, it is not easy to have a dream, because they have to use their mind (imaginations ) and to many people  could not and can not do that.They let others control what they are thinking . Like most of us, we let people and situations affect us, and we are without wanting it in their circumstances. People do not know that they need to practice what they think about and manage it on a daily basis.

It is not so long ago that I realized this, I started to choose what I wanted to think about,I mean consciously .  But after I learned that, life is much easier and more fun, I have to practice every day... yes everyday ....Now I am thinking of this song ... I can see clearly now the rain is gone :)

Have a wonderful view  ♥ 
Kristín K.

Wednesday, March 6

State of Mind in a Stormy Weather

Here In Iceland to day 6th of March is bad stormy weather and everyone stay inside, it is  a bit cozy to stay inside in a warm house in a weather like this.   I am so thankful for my home ,to be able to stay in a warm house when the weather  is like now.. This is not often like this in Iceland , believe me ! Well I'll let the weather does not bother me... you see :) I just go shopping ... online !

... or I can get a little nap :)

or ... I can do some Pilates
Ohh...It is  much more fun to use my imagination and go to Rhode Island :)

Have a wonderful day dream ♥
Kristín Ketils. 

Monday, March 4


 Elegant headboard  and the  striped bed linen are so fresh and  look like they are very comfy!

This beautiful yellow tone is from Kate's place a beautiful blog

This two below  is from  maison-deco

Have a wonderful dreams