Thursday, May 24

Grey Gardens Redux

Once again I come across this place "Grey Garden" but I blogged about it in May 2010.... I was  fascinated by the history of what I saw in a movie that was made of a story of a mother and daughter who lived there.

Have a nice day
Kristin K.

Guest Cottages Bedroom

Polly Denham and Glenda Moralee's Guest Cottages Bedroom, Bath and Hall Redesign.

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Kristín .K

Sunday, May 20

Friday, May 11


Icland´s first lady Dorrit Moussaieff in Martha Stewart TV show ....Martha Stewart  introduced the Icelandic horse, and more...

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Kristín K.

Sunday, May 6


I look to France for inspiring ideas

This furniture fits so well with this coarse wall ...and the old and bumpy dining table is so graphical.

Have a fabulous sunday☼
Kristín K.