Monday, January 31

Farmhouse Brunch

                                 Have a good day and God bless.

Sunday, January 30

One of My Favorites

When antique treasures seems too hard to find, there is always an easier way to get your hands on what you are looking for and dreaming of.

Reproduction designs.
Jeanne d’Arc have since 2007 produced the most beautiful reproduction french antiques, and you can find almost anything in their wonderful interior collection. From  beautiful kitchen accessories, charming furniture to amazing decorative pieces you can complete the french countrycharm style in your home.

I love these letters ..............This rough texture.... it´s something to this that I am in impressed of...

Have a good day and God bless.

It Matters

It does matter how things are put in place.  For example, this picture below
 I Follow this  Great  blog ...... A bit unusual and great ! it is something so fascinating to all on this blog. the pictures are so so great  :-)

Have a good night and God bless.

Friday, January 21


I've always want to visit antique sales. I don't mean fancy antique store, but like these things on the picture below!
Old doors and bulkheads and things like old window I mean over 100 years old or so. This is not available in Iceland ... I do not know why? but I'm sure it would be a market for this in my country. Maybe this would be too expensive ~ I do not know what door like that cost ;o

What a beauty, beauty, beauty. Everything has its purpose! this is a real art :) to put this together and get this result is pure genius! I love this.

Have a very good night and God bless.

Tuesday, January 18


From Cabbages & Roses. 
Nearly all of theirs  garments and theirs  products are made and printed in England . So soft and nicely putt together. Join theirs  mailing list
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Monday, January 17

26 Years Old

This blog post is a challenge from anetteshus  to show my favorite couch."I love her blog"
 I have had this sofa set  for 26 years and are always very happy with it ;)


Sunday, January 16


I was creating a new header for my blog and I wanted to get your opinion on whether  would be better this, with the white background  or other with the pastel green? I like  to hear your opinions. the header should not be the same  year after year do you think so? Maybe change every year? Or twice a year ....
or seasonal....?

Have a wonderful evening

More Wedding Idea

Gorgeous bridal flower bouquets ..

Off white roses with greenery are delightful combination  in the table decoration  at the wedding party :-)

Traditional Bathroom

Here are some ideas for beautiful parquet floors and elegant bathrooms.  Beautiful panels on the walls and this entry OMG
Attention to details traditional entry
That Spa feeling....  bathroom
Mignon Road traditional bathroom
Traditional Country Master Bathroom traditional bathroom

Friday, January 14

Thursday, January 6

Houzz - Home Design

Houzz- Home Design, Decorating and Remodeling Ideas and Inspiration, Kitchen and Bathroom Design

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Tulips in the dark

I am going to take down all the Christmas Decorations today. I have got enough of it in early January :)  Except the Christmas lights! They stay a little longer it's so dark outside it's so nice to have lights in the windows and i let them stay entire month of January.

It's good to Spice Up the Atmosphere After all the Christmas Decorations is coming in to boxes until the next Christmas  and decorates the house with Tulips ! it's beautiful !

Monday, January 3

Awesome Slettvoll Møbler

This is my style! I just discovered this store, it is in Norway and Sweden
 not in Iceland : - (

Slettvoll Møbler - Stilrent og Tidløst

Have a good day and God bless.