Hello, Nice to have you here :)
I am an Icelandic women born in the year 1950 married to  good man and have  3 grown children and 8 grandchildren. I moved to the southern Island in the year 2005. I love my home  where ever it is located.

My husband Ólafur Laufdal and  I  are the founder of Hotel Grimsborgir  your holiday home in Iceland . Located in south Iceland a lovely place in the country side. located on the so called Golden Circle.

I am a blogger  out of curiosity and interest in people and the environment . To be able to reach to people all over the world  is fascinating ....it feels so nice to reach people in that way  and give me liberalized and less prejudice against people. Interior and exterior design fascinates me. It has so much to do with how I feel on a daily basis if the environment is peaceful and quiet.

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