Monday, February 21

Create and Learn

Today's weather is not so bed  not as Slippery as yesterday.  It's raining today and all the snow is gone at least from the walkway, I should stand up from my computer and go for a walk.. Hmmm! :) ... But that is not quite that  I'm ready to do now
Because ...... I found so exiting stuff online while I was sitting at my computer yesterday and did not get out because of the slippery road , that  was at least an excuse for not going for a walk yesterday :) .

I came across this Instructor named Sandi Krakowski actually it was my daughter who pointed me to her, she is given people a free courses here  ,  and she holds courses about Network marketing.

I am very excited  to learn this stuff and to create a website from WordPress for my business which as you know who read my blog is Grimsborgir Guest House

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