Thursday, December 3

Christmas Buffet - Gift Certificate

I am very proud of our new restaurant that opened a year ago and has made a huge success with all our guests.   

We have a splendid Christmas buffet at Hótel Grimsborgir - Our Gift certificate are also very exciting and elegant Christmas gift.
Cozy atmosphere with open fire

 Live music is performed by well known Icelandic musicians.

Check Our Accommodation Here

Wishing you the best Christmas and everything else.

Thursday, November 12

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Tuesday, April 28

Just simple

Just lovely blog - Michele authors the popular inspirational blog HELLO LOVELY 

Wishing you the best of everything

Sunday, April 19

Natural caves - Hotel in Italy

Corte San Pietro Hotel is in Matera that is one of the most ancient cities in the world. the pictures speak for themselves!

 Architects: Daniela Amoroso
Location: Via Bruno Buozzi, 97, 75100 ,
Photographs: PierMario Ruggeri
 Builder: Sio Ristrutturazioni of Silvio Olivieri

Wishing you the best of everything K.Ketils.

Wednesday, March 25

Lace window Treatment

This clever idea is from Annabell Vita. See URL below the page.

Wishing you the best of everything

Sunday, January 25

Belgium Home

I like the exposed beams and black steel framed doors & windows in this Belgium home. Beautiful and great flooring and  these clean white lines on the walls

Belgium home designed by Sels 
Wishing you the best of everything