Friday, July 17

Before & After Photoshop

This is my loving grandmother and my two nephew building a shed . My Grandmother was always in icelandic costume named "Peysuföt"
(Picture taken c.a .1958)
I photoshoped this picture to let you see the difference it can make .

Thursday, July 16


I went to my sister one sunny day last week to see the rebuild of a cottage that my parent build about 40 years ago in Kjos . She and her husband owns the Cottage now and they are renovate it from the start . The trees have grown so large since I visit last time so the Cottage is almost invisible but It is so cosy there and I look forvard to se when they have finished the work.

From left : My sister Birna and I .


I have complete the wooden letters I made a few days a go.
I´m really proud of this wooden letters i made and I hope I will do more ... in the future .

Thursday, July 9

Much to do these days

A wonderful sunny day in the country . I was working inside all day cleaning and fixing up one of the house we are finished building . My husband and I have build 7.houses here in the same street we live in .


My kitchen

You can see the last house we are building(from the window) , across the street . That house will be ready inside and out - circa in Christmas.

Have a good night and God bless.

My home page in Icelandic

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Friday, July 3

I made this wooden letters

Wooden letters are a perfect decoration for a nursery, kid's room or other bedroom, Kitchen and for virtually any room in the house. Wooden letters are Easy to hang on the Wall and they look good free standing on a Shelf . SIZE :High.22,7CM Width.16CM

Thursday, July 2


I did Make More Yesterday

just have to Painted in some dreamy Color...

Have a good day and God bless.