Friday, December 31


I do not own this beautiful old clock, but it would be nice to have it here at home to monitor over the time in  the new year. Maybe the time stands still  more often in this clock ha..ha.. ha.. ;-) HAPPY NEW YEAR :)....

Tuesday, December 28

Christmas rest

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire......Well now  this Christmas season  is finished.   still i have remnants of it in my mind...... 

Have a good day and God bless.

Sunday, December 26

Christmas card

Christmas card to you in Icelandic Language. The picture is of me in Helsinki :) Merry Christmas to you

Have a good day and God bless.

Thursday, December 9

Happy season

I'm going to Helsinki next week. I am very excited because I've never been to Finland before. I'm told that it is very beautiful country and lot of interesting places to see. but I do not have much time just 3 days so I'm going to see the shops and enjoy walking around and look at the Christmas decorations in the stores and of course eat in good restaurants.....and have a happy days.....

Pictures from Helsinki.
Have a good day and God bless.

Tuesday, December 7

White this Christmas

Ikea and the stars - Simple and beautiful patterns from Ikea napkins and decorative objects.....
I have a lot of white this Christmas

Have a good day and God bless.

Saturday, December 4


Riverdale shop help people to bring that joy into their home.
This shop Riverdale is unfortunately not in my country Iceland, but I go often to their site and get inspired,

Have a good day and God bless.
online shop

Thursday, December 2

Christmas Scent

Do you Remember how hyacints .... smells ... you can almost smell this with your eyes ... ...and while you're watching them listen to this...