Sunday, November 27

Christmas in IKEA

Greetings to you from Kristín

My Ideabooks

Wednesday, November 23

National traditions

In Iceland, Christmas is very important and is celebrated everywhere in society; families, friends and colleagues make the season special by having Christmas parties, baking cookies and Laufabrauð, or leaf bread in English, and decorating their homes. The festive season starts in early December or the last years  late November,but the main day of celebration for Icelanders is Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Icelandic Leaf bread / Laufabrauð

God bless Kristin K.

Saturday, November 5

Great Interior Designer

You know when one is bowsing online and find something cool, I was exactly  viewing  blogs yesterday and came across  this  Interior services and Great Designer Cathrine . And here is her Weblog

Have a nice evening and God bless
Kristín K.

Thursday, November 3

My Dream Shop

My Wishlist on

 I've always wanted to have a doll house, and here it is possible.

This blanket is shouting at me

Have a good  night  my friend and God bless 
Kristín K.

Wednesday, November 2

Before Christmas

I feel Pottery Barns Stores absolute frenzy, their website is so full of Ideas I Could Spent hours there,  take a look  - Lots of Ideas

See what a little red sock can do magic

 ..... and white also

sleds are always romantic, isn't it ?

Enjoy the time before christmas
God bless

Tuesday, November 1