Tuesday, November 30

Thursday, November 25

Thought for Today

Have a good day and God bless.

Birthday Roses

On this day 60 years ago I was born, and today I got this beautiful flower bouquet from my husband :)

Have a good day and God bless.

Monday, November 22

Restaurant at Christmas

 Continuation...of christmas decorations in my small  Grimsborgir Restaurant.

Table decorations ....

....on the piano

Saturday, November 20


2. Favorite ornament


This doll is one of my favorite ornament. I want to show you my favorite ornament in the coming weeks. I find it fun to decorate a little at a time and start early ....... so I started today!

Thursday, November 18

Decorating my small Restaurant

Christmas atmosphere is here to stay and I've been decorating my little restaurant because it is Christmas buffet every weekend until Christmas. The Restaurant and Guest Houses  are also open over the Christmas and New Year time.   

I'll put some pictures of Christmas decorations from the restaurant later  .....

Tuesday, November 16

Idées From marie claire

This French magazine Marie Claire's gorgeous. Here are some pictures I took from the journal,- OMG- THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL !

Monday, November 15

Christmas On my mind

Christmas decoration on my mind This is my favorite time of year !

I've got Christmas on my mind
I adore that lovely time
I'm feeling like I was a little child
when I've got Christmas on my mind
Christmas wreath from willowdecor