Friday, April 29

Sunday, April 24

Springtime is coming

A delicate combination of subtle shades and elegant decorative touches in British  Homes & Gardens. April 2011

Happy  Easter  :)  God bless you

Saturday, April 16

Celebrate Ester

 Next week
We must-not forget, that is to say if we are Christian. Easter festival is all about Jesus Christ. He rose from dead to save us from eternal dead. He is our Saviour.

We have to celebrate yeah! celebrate the spirit of Jesus Christ :)

I thank God for being able to enjoy the beauty of life

Have a Very nice Easter with Gods Blessings

Friday, April 15

Country Kitchen

Pantry shelves is about four inches deep, just the
size of a typical jar, so things don't get hidden behind each other. The
library ladder is an antique from Belgium I love it !
This olive green color is adorable - 

The pot rack is cool

Photo credit: Gridley & Graveshttp

Dear blog friends I wish you a good weekend :)