Saturday, March 9


These four pictures of a beautiful view from a beautiful windows that I whish, I Could be standing in front of and have a view like this! But maybe i could? This got me thinking about how important it is to have a beautiful view to life! ... Did you Noticing do day how your thinking about life went ? What were your brain thinking about?

For some people, it is not easy to have a dream, because they have to use their mind (imaginations ) and to many people  could not and can not do that.They let others control what they are thinking . Like most of us, we let people and situations affect us, and we are without wanting it in their circumstances. People do not know that they need to practice what they think about and manage it on a daily basis.

It is not so long ago that I realized this, I started to choose what I wanted to think about,I mean consciously .  But after I learned that, life is much easier and more fun, I have to practice every day... yes everyday ....Now I am thinking of this song ... I can see clearly now the rain is gone :)

Have a wonderful view  ♥ 
Kristín K.

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