Friday, January 21


I've always want to visit antique sales. I don't mean fancy antique store, but like these things on the picture below!
Old doors and bulkheads and things like old window I mean over 100 years old or so. This is not available in Iceland ... I do not know why? but I'm sure it would be a market for this in my country. Maybe this would be too expensive ~ I do not know what door like that cost ;o

What a beauty, beauty, beauty. Everything has its purpose! this is a real art :) to put this together and get this result is pure genius! I love this.

Have a very good night and God bless.


La Maison en Wonderboom said...

Why do you not go start trading in old doors?
I love your photos.

Hermine xx

K.Ketils said...

Anything can happened and if one want something really,then it will be reality ;o
Thank you for inspire me Hermine:)

La Dolce Vita said...

love these ... beautiful crumbling splendor!