Thursday, October 13

Nutritional Advice

Thorbjörg's Top 10:

1. Spare your body of all added sugars - both the visible, invisible and artificial
2. Eat wholegrain foods - the body cannot use refined products such as white flour.
3. Don't shy away from certain fats - the right fats have very good health and slimming benefits
4. Eat good quality protein
5. Eat legumes, nuts, seeds and grains everyday.
6. Eat your way to inner and outer beauty with at least 600 grams of organic vegetables, fruits and berries everyday.
7. Drink 1½ liters of water, pure vegetable and fruit juices, and green or herbal teas everday. If you simply must have coffee or alcohol, then have it enjoying the best quality, not quantity.
8. Eat regularly - never skip breakfast. Several small meals is the way forward.
9. Eat balanced meals with healthy fats, quality protein, "whole" carbohydrates and vegetables - and of course as organic as possible
10. In addition to following numbers 1 through 9, it's still a good idea to take a multi-vitamin/mineral. If you want to take multiple food suppliments (ie. vitamins and minerals), it's best to consult your health professional first.

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