Friday, September 30


Well I'm back:) reason for absence has been a lot of work here at the Guest House. This work at the Guest Houses  captures  my entire  mind, if it is going to be well done you have to give all  your physical force in it yes! nothing less. But September is pretty quiet month for tourism in Iceland, so I was going to blog a little take som time off :)

But  when I was going to take some  pictures to put on my blog I didn´t find my camera (Canon 400D) nowhere  in my house or elsewhere.
I turned all here at home up side down, No Camera - aarrrg :(  I must have left it  somewhere and someone has taken it, YES stolen My Camera...... I could have left it in the Car and do not lock the Car. I think it is the most likely explanation for this disappearance
I am quite upset about  this. I no longer have a camera that is just not acceptable ... Therefore I will hopefully soon buy me a new camera :-) 

Should I buy the same brand again? it was very good Camera, what do you think? tell me your opinion ;D

This is like my camera
Have a good  day

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