Wednesday, June 22


Dear friends, I have not had so much  time to blog for a long time  now... .. why ? I am now in the hotel business, as you know who read my blog regularly . It takes all my energy and time right now ... I should be blogging about my Guest Houses  and all  the guests who are so pleased with the accommodation in Grimsborgir Guest Houses.

These are visitors that 'stayed with us and got married here.  Wedding Ceremony was in one of the Guest Houses. Picture was Taken outside my house ... old swing came in handy when wedding pictures were taken ... Summer is not quite there. This picture is Taken in May 2011.

This Casibo is built on the porch at the Grimsborgir Restaurant. Cozy to sit inside the casibo and enjoy the beautiful views that is all around.

Have a wonderful evening
Kristín K.


kristinvald said...

Hæ hæ

Greinilega nóg að gera hjá ykkur núna í Grímsborgum. Var að skoða myndirnar þínar af húsunum aftur og vááááá hvað þau eru flott :-) Þarf endilega að keyra við einhverntímann og skoða mig um !

Kristín V

K.Ketils said...

Hæ , þú ert velkomin hvenær sem er :)

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Willa Tammisto said...

All the best to your business in your beautiful Iceland.