Wednesday, March 3


Everything in this kitchen is great except that terrible hood it does not fit in ,that is my opinion. What do you think?
Marielle traditional kitchen

I love  white kitchens and this is just really cool, this white pots on the shelf are just extremely beautiful. I would want to own them all.
Traditional white kitchen with painted cabinets traditional kitchen
Have a good day and God bless.


Julie Johnson said...

Hmmm....that hood does not work! I think it's a clashing of styles, and doesn't play well with the calm feeling of the room. I love white kitchens too. On my blog I talk of our recent switch from a blue kitchen to a calm white and beige one. Many a day I'd like to take it one notch lighter...and go with white. The rest of the family isn't in agreement with me. Maybe next time! :)

K.Ketils said...

Yes that´s right Julie, I suggest that the hood is painted white! *smile*

Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

You have a great eye. Your right about the hood. I think they're trying to feature it as a statement piece. But I agree it just doesn't work. An all white pallet is great too, but I always throw in a small splash of color. Like a vase or picture frames.
great blog!

K.Ketils said...

Yes, beautiful floral decorations is missing. Thank´s for visit Katherine :)

La Dolce Vita said...

you are right, the hood is not right, and where are houseplants? how does one breathe??