Sunday, February 14

New Guest House in ICELAND

-->My husband and I  offer accommodation in south of beautiful Iceland . We started to build this Guest Houses  3 yers ago and now we have  finish building 7 houses. This is the Guest Houses to  stay in  if you want to make your holiday in Iceland something special. Our 7. Guest Houses  are  by  the river Sogid , in the country side of a  cozy enviroment.
Here Are Some Pictures I took

 Picture: Kitchen and dining area
4 guest houses have two apartments one large 200 sq.m. and one studio 57 sq.m. 
 This double bedroom belongs to the larger  apartment

also this TV area 

This double bedroo belongs to studioapartment


La Dolce Vita said...


Flemmina // WillaTammisto said...

Beautiful rooms!

Happy Valentine`s Day to You!

Anette Willemine said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! This way I could find your great blog as well.

How interesting that you have houses and apartements to rent. I have never been to Iceland, however I have som friend whome visited the iseland a few years ago.
My husband actually lived in Iceland for two years when he was 2 to 4 years. His mother worked at the Nowegian Embassy while his father was attending the University. This was 42 years ago!

Best from
Anette Willemine

K.Ketils said...

Thank you Girls I am so glad you stop by

K.Ketils said...

Hi! Anette this is a small world we live in *smile* maybe you and your husband will visit Iceland some time? that would be nice..