Friday, October 23


Are you one of the privileged to be a grandparent and do you know what it takes to be a really good grandparent?
The role of a grandparent is maybe one of the most important facets of ones life.
This is the era now when you really have the time to spend with your grandchildren, to love them, educate them and get to know them.
The grandparent/grandchildren relationship is a kind of relationship that is unique in the sense that there normally exists a special kind of bond between you.

Here are a few tips that you can use to create an even better relationship:
 Tell stories-This is certainly the highlight of every childs' day when he/she can lie down next to Grandma at the end of the day, listening to Any  story that is being told. Even if you make up a story that does not sound like it will make the childrens 'library, your grandkids will still hang onto your lips. Yea, and never forget to bring in your own child-hood experiences, they simply love it.
Be interested and concerned about what your grandchildren are doing, whether it is ballet or football and let them know that you are as enthusiastic as they are, if not more.

 You are still only a grandparent while the child has its own Mother and Father to give him/her the initial schooling and manners. Yes, you must- and should help in bringing the child up with good values but only as far as what the parents want you to help. Try and get an understanding from them what they would want or like you to do as far as the training of the child goes.

Once you set out and use these few tips as a guideline, some of your happiest grandparenthood years will lie ahead of you.

Have a good day and God bless.

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