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1. Make a List
Don’t ever go gift shopping without a list. Ever, ever. You will more than likely buy more than you intended. List the people for whom you’re buying, jot down a few gift ideas next to their name, and cross them off when their gift is purchased.

Keep this list with you at all times. That way, it’s readily available when an unexpected gift idea pops into your head.

2. Set Limits on People

This is a touchy subject. At what point do you stop buying presents for your extended family? Or is it an eternal tradition in your clan?

Because Christmas isn’t about the gifts, at some point families need to just put a stop to the stuff. It’s definitely easier said than done in some families, because there inevitably will be a sister-in-law or a dad who doesn’t want to stop the gift exchange.

If your family is like this, are you up for being the one to call a hiatus on the tradition? If so, here are a few ideas for broaching the subject tactfully:
Do it gradually.

Maybe instead of stopping a gift exchange all together, suggest a reasonable cost limit for this year. After a few years of this, perhaps the adults might be more open to ending completely.
A homemade gift created specifically for someone is more treasurable than a big box store purchase.
3. Set Limits on Quantity

Decide in advance how many gifts to buy each person in your family, and stick with it.
4. Shop Online

When you shop online, you avoid the crowds, it’s easier to stick within your budget (no enticing last-minute purchases made at the register), and you have endless options. I love supporting cottage industries and the handmade community.

Places to shop are Etsy and Amazon . I know Amazon isn’t a small business by any means, but it sure is handy — they’ve got everything, and they’ve got a good return policy. Plus, shipping if often free when you spend more than $25. And I could spend hours browsing at Etsy — I love the fact that each gift bought is unique, thoughtfully crafted, and quite often made from quality, non-toxic materials.

Have a good day and God bless.

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