Sunday, December 6

Decorating a Christmas Tree

When decorating your tree, you want to remember the following basic tips. Keep in consideration that it doesn't matter how you choose to decorate your tree- traditional, modern, natural- there's always order to decorating a tree.
I Start with the tree lights and I like to have  white. Start at the bottom and drape them equally across each tier. When putting lights on the tree, you want to start on the inside and work your way out. Do not skimp on the lights; if you have to have multiple strands, then so be it; you don't want to leave any gaps.
After putting lights on the tree, you can add the garland or tinsel if you choose to add either to your tree. This would also be the time that you would add popcorn strings or cranberries to the Christmas tree.

After adding garland and tinsel, you want to add your ornaments. Consider ornaments that are different sizes, even if you're using Christmas balls, you can still add balls of different sizes in order to add depth to the tree. Keep all ornaments evenly distributed around the tree; you don't want one area loaded and another area slim. Also, try not to have all of the ornaments on the tips of the limbs; you want to put them throughout the tree, meaning inside the tree and outside, which will create more depth. .  I  like this year  to have as mutch white ornametn on my christmastree.

When you're ready to add the topper to the tree, there are many options that you can choose from ranging from stars, angels, and ribbons etc. But as you see I have not finish my decoration because I need more tree lights so continuing  to morrow!

Have a good day and God bless.

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Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Great job on the tree! I just love the ribbon on top!