Monday, January 15

Gorgeous hotel in southern Iceland

The Suites are 56 sqm big and have a private bathroom with a bathtub as well as a shower. 
Every Suite has a private terrace.  A hot tub is also on site.

Wishing you the best of everything 

Sunday, January 14

Curious Like Me ?

I'm always looking in to and admire  other people's homes over the internet ... Now I'm going to invite you to see  my home. Have fun !

Sometimes I put Candles insted of Firewood In the fireplace .

Wishing you the best of everything
Kristín K.💓

Saturday, January 13

In The Kitchen

Elegant Kitchen Design !

I am always  fond of open shelves and the crockery´s that are put in them 😊 

Very tasty decoration ...Everything in this kitchen is so elegant.

Beautiful kitchen, high ceiling and the gray color is so beautiful.

It is necessary i think, to have a pantry in the kitchen for the mixer,toaster and cans or similar appliances.  The pictures below.

Wishing you the best of everything

Monday, January 8

The Rest

All of a sudden, Christmas is gone, all the effort around it has passed . Only good memories are left 💓 For everyone I hope! 😊 Well Christmas is still not fully finished until the Christmas decorations is in the boxes.
It´s very important to me when I take down the Christmas decorations that all is in right order and boxes well marked, it's easier when next Christmas arrives!

 Picture below. This is what is left of my Christmas tree 😌

I can not deny that there is a little empty feeling in the house when all the Christmas decorations are gone. But I will quickly get used to it and everyday chores fills the house again alive.......That's Life 🎜🎶

Wishing you the best of everything💗

Sunday, January 7

Thank you everyone who has visited my blog page last year 2017!
Hope you keep on visiting my blog in the New Year 2018 !

Wishing you the best of everything